Monday, May 14, 2012

MIAF Preview January 16 2011

Showtime! There was definitely a moment where you knew they had opened the doors to the crowds. The place teemed with people. All of Miami and it seemed, New Yorkers, Europeans, people speaking German, French, Italian, Spanish, all dressed up for a party. As usual with Gord's work, they wanted to photograph or be photographed in the midst of all that color. Viewers embraced the exhibit enthusiastically, and when they understood the concept of the lotus leaves in water -- there were so many ways they said "yes! Yes! yes". "This belongs in Fairchild Tropical Garden," was the comment of the day. "Bass would be the best." We met Roy Breslin, a member of Sister Cities International and on many local boards who took us through the possibilities, gave us names and phone numbers, and promised to champion Lotus and even Ice for Miami. "Ah, like Christo!" "Like Chilhouli!" again and again. MOCA, "Miami's best museum" VIZCAYA, (a palatial mansion donated to the city of Miami with large pools gardens) were suggested. A Canadian ex-pat and her family sought out the exhibit, stayed, chatted, gave us a list Miami must-sees & must-dos. We met architects, artists, photographers, art dealers. Here is Danilo Gonzalez, in front of his exhibit, which is across from LOTUS. We talked art, we talked color, we talked the ephemeral moment, in ice, in water, in the right now. It was quite the moment. It was quite the day.

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