Monday, May 14, 2012

Miami International Art Fair, Day #2 Jan 15, 2011

DAY #2 MIAF. Thursday morning. So hard to get up, still on West coast time. Footstore with walking to and fro every day, probably 4 miles, good exercise. Windy, sunny in the low sixties. Brought my boots for the opening at 6:30 - a 'preview'. We're one of the first to be here, most of the exhibits were completed yesterday and the walls have filled with such a variety of really excellent art. And it's so well organized. Jaz's black lettering arrived in time! Great to feel his energy as part of this project. Gord is quiet again, trying to figure out how to edit the exhibit. I don't like the cement floor as a backdrop to these beautiful, fragile paintings. There isn't enough light. We need simulations, so that people can understand what this exhibit is all about. Against the white walls the work is exquisitE, but the wind is savage, and they can't close the huge back door. Once we place something, it gets blown away. We have three more walls! Frank Hyder, the wonderful and talented artist across the hall who is an experienced exhibitor, observed that the outside walls of our space are also for our use and display, so we set about to hang and light three big paintings there. Here he is with Gord, lending his screw gun, like the Lone Ranger, just in time. At lunch, our waitress is an art exhibit. The pink pigeons have neckties and a gaggle? of parrots chatter and screech in the palms above us. It's just before 6:30. Everyone has gone to change into evening clothes. A green shirted worker with a broom and dust pan wanders aimlessly by looking for scraps to sweep up. Agents sit at the glass tables near their exhibits, waiting for buyers. At the center of the huge hall, staff prepare snacks for the party. People are beginning to arrive. Wait staff in black vest & white shirt walk between exhibits push a cart with champagne bottles and glasses - $14. Here comes Aldo with a young woman and three cameras hanging off her. She snaps a few shots of our exhibit. I don't feel ready, but as Gord says, this is just the beginning. We're here to learn. Please sign up as a follower, tell your friends, and please leave comments!

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