Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer in January. A day or two in between. Goodbye Miami South Beach, hello another day on the warm water, toes in the white sand. The Convention Center in Palm Beach is magnificent. I’ve so far been unsuccessful in discovering the difference between the kind of art exhibited at the Miami International Art Fair and what they show at Art Palm Beach. Setting up his booth next to the Jaguar, Frank Hyder shed a light. “Objects,” he said simply, decisively. “Oh! Sculpture!” I replied. “No. Objects. They like objects here.” And then Ken, a dealer with a huge glass collection, gorgeous stuff, said, “Here people have sprawling homes on waterfront, lots of windows and they want something for the table in front of the view.” And sure enough a woman became agitated when viewing the turquoise lotus, asking her husband “Honey, wouldn’t this turquoise look wonderful in the living room on the wall next to the window?” Marie Antoinette, aka Lucinda Linderman of graced our booth with her noble costume, a completely recycled version of our excesses. George “Mr. Glitter”, as I call him, from Miami Tourism and I compared and admired all things sparkle. Snow birds from the East Hamptons, from Boston, from New York, Atlanta, Colorado and elsewhere, exclaimed over the paintings, and I wrote down some of their comments here. “ I think they’re stunning.” “The most different thing I’ve seen.” “Just beautiful.”

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